About us

Himalayan Salt Manufacturers and Exporters

Crown Food World is a Pakistan based company located about 50 KMs away from the city of LAHORE PAKISTAN.

Our products range include Himalayan Bath Salt, Himalayan Black Salt, Himalayan Bath Salt, Himalayan Salt Lamps, Himalayan Salt Candle Holders, Himalayan Animal Salt Lick/Lumps, Himalayan Salt Pipe Inhalers and many varieties of salt bricks and tiles

We are Your Ultimate Partners in Brands & Wholesale Business

Quality guaranteed

State of the art processing plant, skilled workers, enables us to implement international quality control procedures of manufacturing variety of Himalayan salt products.

Business Orders Processing

One of our key expertise is to ensure timely export shipments to our customers.

Price Competitveness

Our most competitive prices will empower you to attain a visible trade share from salt business.