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    We Are Salt Mining Company

    from Big Pieces to small Pieces
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    We are Your Ultimate Partners

    in Brands & Wholesale Business

    State of the art processing plant, skilled workers, enables us to implement
    international quality control procedures of manufacturing variety
    of Himalayan salt products.

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    Business Orders Processing

    Price Competitveness

    Our most competitive prices will empower you to attain a visible
    trade share from salt business.One of our key expertise is
    to ensure timely export shipments to our customers.

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    Crown Food World

    Himaliyan Salt Product Experts

    We Manufacturer & Export Rock Salt Products

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Latest Posts

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Bulk Himalayan Salt Suppliers

In today’s world, finding a natural product that hasn’t encountered any form of artificial tampering is a challenge, if not impossible. We at Ittefaq Trading Co, feel proud on recognizing Himalayan Pink Salt

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Himalayan Salt Worldwide

Himalayan Salt comes from deep inside the Khewra Salt in Pakistan, the only genuine source of the salt near the foothills of the Himalayas. Our charming decorative salt lamps and candle holders

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Manufacturer of Himalayan Salt

With the nourishing goodness of 84 trace minerals and a state of unmatched purity, our Himalayan Pink Salt is one of its kind. To value its rarity, we save it from all kinds of artificial additives.

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Why Choose Us???

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The Highest Quality, Safest Pink Salt for Consumers, Retailers & Manufacturers.Our unequaled commitment to quality and food safety makes our pink salt the very best in the world.
Our Ancient Ocean Himalayan Pink Salt is the highest grade pink mineral salt in the world. Unlike other brands, our Himalayan salt goes through several all-natural proprietary processing methods.
Himalayan pink salt is the result of an ancient body of water that slowly evaporated, leaving behind a mineral-rich salt bed that was eventually fused with other remaining seabed materials,
As an SQF facility, SaltWorks has the highest salt quality and food safety standards to comply with the food industry's rigorous safety regulations
Not all Himalayan pink salt is created or processed equally. Commodity importers and other suppliers have introduced significantly lower quality Himalayan salt that is poorly processed, often overseas, before being directly imported and sold in the US.
We encourage all buyers to ask potential suppliers about their quality benchmarks, facilities, and how and where their pink salt is processed. It's easy to see and taste the differences between high-quality and poorly processed Himalayan salt.
SaltWorks encourages buyers and consumers to conduct their own simple visual inspections and taste tests to determine the quality of the salt.
The lowest quality salt may contain fine dust, dirt, plastic or other foreign particles. We encourage you to compare quality and not just price. You'll see the quality and taste the difference of SaltWorks Himalayan Pink Salt.